If you think i'll like your face and might want to draw it say so in my ask.
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I currently have 43 paintings that i want to paint… I’m hoping that they differ enough in poses, lighting, contrast, tone, skin colour, and gender as well as being portrait, full body, nude and fully clothed to further develop my foundation of painting in oil.

This doesn’t include any images I find that want to paint in between completing these paintings, and as always I’m open to suggestions.

I’m also going to start taking commissions. I’m going to take 1 oil sketch fortnightly. Any inquiries about commissions should be sent to thomasgolunskiart@gmail.com (there’s also a link on my website now too.)

On top of all of this I want to continue to develop my drawing style and ability and want to continue to work in an array of materials.

but i thought I’d let you know what to expect and that commissions are available, even if it is 2 a month.


So maybe it’s just the pictures i was looking at but when looking for reference photos of black people, it seems that people don’t know how to light them properly or make the photos high contrast black and white photos, which is really annoying.


me, right now -