If you think i'll like your face and might want to draw it say so in my ask.
Thomas Golunski
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I did a 3 hour painting from life today, it’s been two years since I’ve drawn from life (which is way to long, I just kinda got lost with learning how to use oils) and even when I did life drawing it was full body expressive quick drawings, not a portrait painting session.

I think it went relatively well but I also made some stupid mistakes. It is recognisable as the person it’s meant to be which is a big tick bit it’s the smaller aspects which mount up to it looking a bit off. I think I’m gonna scan it when I can as it looks terrible in photographs but yeah that was a thing today.

The beard is good. Do you plan on keeping it?
- Anonymous

Of course

2 or 3 albums you're currently spinning.

Incubus- A Crow Left Of The Muder

Parov Stelar  - Seven and Storm

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

huhu your selfies make my day :')
- Anonymous

Is it cos they’re stupid ? :p

Did you go to art school?
- Anonymous


I was on a gifted and talented list for art in secondary school, but due to various illnessess I wasn’t there for much of it.

I did art and craft at a2 level and life drawing as well.

There’s a big story involving what my art Is path but it’s too much to do here

So short answer Yes

How do you motivate yourself, or even do you have to motivate yourself to do all of your work? I mean, do you not find yourself quite bored after doing so much?
- Anonymous

I think i don’t get bored because everything evolves, if you’re getting bored you are not challenging yourself enough.

There are some days in which i don’t want to paint which is okay but i really enjoy painting so I don’t have to find motivation to do it. Plus i have self set, as well as, commerical deadlines which keep me working.

For those lacking motivation don’t chase it down, step back, read a book, watch a movie, set goals, look through art blogs, at the work of people that are producing work you connect with, look through their entire portfolio, buy new materials, go out for a walk. Experience thing. Challenge yourself with your work, And you motivation will come crashing back.

Find the balance of how to do these and work and you should hopefully not lose motivation it certainly works for me.

How old are you and also how does your family feel about your art / art career

I’m 21. My family back me 100% they think great things are in line for me as long as I put in the work, so they encourage and make sure I’m not slacking (which I rarely do) but I think, I’m incredibly lucky with my family :)